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Anonymous asked : how tall is she ?

5’ 5”

Anonymous asked : Well said about copying. Rita does it better than Rihanna anyway.

Yes, she does in my opinion & i like Rihanna too but her fans reach all the time with the copying nonsense 

Anonymous asked : but that's next year!! (and isn't ca california?) are there no gigs in london this year? :(

As far i know no,check her official site.

Anonymous asked : do you know if there are any gigs rita's playing at coming up? (in london)

October 20th: House of Blues Los Angeles, CA 

October 23rd: The Yost Theater Santa Ana, CA 

Anonymous asked : im sad i dont get to watch the ema's (where i live it comes on at 11) and i have to go to bed at 10 because i have school I HATE SCHOOL!!!! lol but at least i know who won what btw i think rita looks great in that dress

Aww it’s ok hopefully they post some footage of the show online soon.

Anonymous asked : Are there any videos of the MOBO Awards?? was it even on tv or livestream?

No not yet & someone streamed it via ustream for people to watch on twitter

Anonymous asked : your a side blog? whats your original blog?

It’s 5 different people running this blog

Anonymous asked : you reposted the seventeen pictures from r-ora

The fuck you talking about?

  1. We didn’t repost anything
  2. Everyone who runs this blog knows how to edit
  3. We are not like the rest of rita blog’s who steal photos

So i would advise you next time anon, know wtf you are talking about before you come in this ask box again

Anonymous asked : she's albanian of course she is muslim

Oh but Anon lemme school you right quick. Of course she was born into the religion because of where she was born, but does not mean that that’s the religion she practice. She was born in Kosovo and raised in the UK & tbh i think she’s a christian 

Anonymous asked : What is her religion